Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday Night Ladder - 12/10/07

Had a decent outing but not too satisfied. I was trying to apply tips from the lesson: the new swing and attempting to hit the ball early. All in all it felt good regardless of the lackluster results. I gained 12 points with 2-5, 3-4, 7-0. This should keep me at the top part of the 8:30 ladder. I played a guy who normally is in the top group the first match. He's just been away for a while. He is a better player and I was happy to come back to get 2 games. I lost a crucial game at 2-3. The second match was against a guy who is getting better and we have been having close matches. I was up 3-2 and lost 2 close games after that for a disappointing defeat. The third set I had well in hand from the begining and cruised to my first shut out. This guy appears a bit rusty and I can see that he will improve and become a challenge down the road.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Tennis Lesson - Worth It

I decided to take a much needed lesson on my day off to get some analysis on my swing and serve. I have always been hesitant about paying the cost for hearing some things I should already know as common sense. I split a session with my friend. The instructor ran us through some drills and picked up on flaws. It was a great workout and I felt I worked my way to hitting the ball freely and hard for the most part. This needs to carry over into matches. The feeling is to lose some battles but win the war so to speak. I thought she was very accurate in her critiques. It definately is easier with a coach instructing you as you hit. You can make mid flight adjustments and actually see instant results. I took away a few things that should help. She reinforces the basic mechanics but it was well worth it. When the muscle memory takes over for how you need to hit, then you are on your way to better tennis. Thanks to my playing partner for setting the time to do this session. It's cool to share the passion for the sport with someone with the same interest. I will be rooting for him as he moves to the upper bracket in our ladder this week. I think I may have more confidence in him then he does in himself because I know how he can play when he's on. I think this is beginning to change.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Humble Pie in The Show

My night in the Show:
Well, I didn't fare well point wise in the 7:00 pm ladder and thus should end my very short stay in the top tier. As they say, I was there for just a cup of coffee. I was pretty much humbled: 2-5, 2-5, 0-7. I wasn't too surprised. Not that I lacked confidence but I'm realistic of my skill level at this point. I need to work out kinks in my serve by fixing the arm angle toward impact with the "back scratch" position and more wrist snap. I didn't play too bad....I did lose from being up 40-0 and a deuce game in the 0-7 match. That would have helped to get a few points there, but bottom line I lost to better players, and need to break another barrier in my progress.