Monday, November 1, 2010

EHRC Tennis - 1 vs. 2 / 11-01-2010

Interesting match tonight of teacher vs. student (me). My friend and colleague Satish and I finally play each other for the top spot at EHRC. Expect to have a fun night out there and hope to at least give a good match. Satish is a better overall player and I've become a student of the game the past 3 years and have improved my game. Both of us have had success moving up this ladder the past few years and we have reaped the benefits with our recent rankings. Good luck Satish....not that you need it...we both know each others games so we'll see who can break down who and make the big shots...!! Either way, will see you on the job bright and early in the morning.

Will need to read Satish's blog for the results. He does a great job with his website and blogs on the matches.