Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tennis Ladder - 10/20/2008

Followed up a disappointing 6 win (out of 21 games) week last time with a very promising 14 wins last night against top competition (Henry H., Paul, Satish). Some other night this may be totally different, but I got into a zone somewhere there and turned some recent frustration into all out intensity. I played instinctively which helps me. I have more trouble so far with the guys who dictate their styles and pace against me. I kept balls deep for the most part and in play down the sides, with a strong backhand and good net play. Played old school McEnroe, hit early and on the rise moving forward. Also mixed in a few drops at the right times and overhand smashes for winners. All in all it was one of my best nights indoors. Could even have been better in the win column, but after taking big leads in each of the 3 games, I played a bit too loose for me, perhaps trying different approaches, with losing a game not much of a concern. Who knows about next week. May be a different result, especially in a higher bracket. I want to find that don't give a shit attitude again and just go for the shots when they are there. But I needed this performance on this night as a confidence booster. Serve can always be better but this has improved at least from last year. Need to get consistently on top of the ball and snap my wrist over.